2024 Reports Semis

SF: Olivia Weaver 3-0 Tinne Gilis

[2] Olivia Weaver (USA) 3-0 [4] Tinne Gilis (BEL)  11-6, 11-5, 11-6 (26m)

I know that Tinne will be highly disappointed in her performance. She is definitely one of the up and coming players and today, apart from the first few points where she was in front and dictating the rallies, leading 5/2 in the opener, for the rest of the match, she was not able to step up.

All credit to Olivia who was on fire today, I have to say. The American extinguished the Belgium with her perfect attacking volleying backed with a perfect length/width.

And even if Tinne never gave up and kept fighting, collecting a point here and there, the control and the combination of rallies was firmly in the hand of Olivia Weaver.

She mentioned watching the Black Ball Open in University… She is now in her first final, and something tells me she’s going to have many more of those in the coming months…


“I definitely played the game I wanted to today, and I had to against a player like Tinne. I’m very, very pleased with that performance and I’m very pleased how I got myself back into the match after falling 5-2 behind in the first.

“I mean to beat a player like Tinne, who’s so tough and so gritty, I couldn’t be more pleased with that performance.

“In college, I would watch the Black Ball event when I was procrastinating and doing my work, and now to be here and playing in the final is pretty crazy. It’s an incredible atmosphere to be playing in and a brilliant place to play, so I’m really excited to be in the final and to give myself another shot at a title this season.”