2020 Round ONE REPORTS

R1: Coline 3/0 Tong – Farida 3/2 Lisa

Coline Aumard (FRA) 3-0 Tsz-Wing Tong (HKG)  11-6, 11-5, 11-9 (43m)
Farida Mohamed (EGY) 3-2 Lisa Aitken (SCO)  9-11, 11-7, 9-11, 12-10, 11-3 (56m)


Last time we played she beat me 2/0 in Nantes so I knew what to expect and how tough it would be.

Today, I felt that nothing was going my way and that the ref realllllly didn’t like me! But I’m happy that I managed to come back in the match from 2/1 down.

I tried to slow down the pace, and I think I just lacked patience in the first 3 games. I was going for shots too early I feel. So once I manage to play two more shots, and keep the pace down, it helped my game. From 2/1 down, I gave it a last big push, I thought I lost the match, and thought to give it a last go… Very happy that I managed to turn things round.

One of those matches where you feel it could have been such a battle… The Hong Kong girl had the feeling that Coline was preventing her from reaching the ball, and focusing on it, after there was an accidental contact between the two girls, resulting in Tong having a swollan cheekbone.

The Hong Kong challenging the referee several times, very happy and frustrated with Coline and the refs, which didn’t help her focus. It’s only down 10/3 match ball in the third she showed us how great squash she possesses. She only lost with a ball touching slightly outside of court at 9/10, back from 3/10.


Since Chicago, I have a bit of a niggle with my right adductor/hamstring, and it’s been preventing me from training as well as I would like. it’s getting better by the day, and today, I get off court injury free, but it makes me doubt of my physical abilities. I get on court, and really fear the injury flairing up. And that burns a lot of emotional energy…

Basically, I lack confidence at the moment…

She felt that I was stayin the way voluntarily, I was not, maybe a bit slower than normal in my movement, because of my injury I guess!