2020 Men's Gold Reports PLAYERS REPORTS

Greg Gaultier salutes our Little Prince Enzo

Like all the French clan present here, players, spectators, and myself, Greg has been terribly affected by the passing of young, so young, too young Enzo Corigliano.

“Yesterday we just couldn’t stop talking and thinking about him with the players. When I heard the news, I was shocked, stunned, and when I saw it everywhere on the social medias, I realised it was really happening.

I was absolutely dead yesterday, the emotions got the best of me, and at 6pm I was in my room. And from 5am this morning, I was thinking about him, not able to sleep, with images coming back to my mind. I knew him since he was that small, I spent two weeks in New Caledonia with his parents a few years ago. And the last time I saw him, was in AIx at our Training Centre, last summer.

And today, I just couldn’t focus on my match. I had thank God some messages this morning that made me able to think about the match, to actually play for him, with him, in his memory. And so I got in my bubble, and was able to perform.

It’s a hearbreaking news, really. I cannot even imagine what I would feel like if something happened to my sons. I don’t think I could survive it. So all my thoughts to his family, we see Jenny on the French events all the time, she is always doing so much for the sport, for us all.

There are no words, really no words.”