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Not saluting James’ Achievements, MOI???

In my report about James’ match against Golden Boy Youssef Ibrahim, I mentioned that the young man was not as his best. I didn’t get into details, but as I found him throwing up at the back of the court, it seemed it was a fact that in my opinion was of importance and I mentioned he was not 100% without giving too many details.

That seemed to anger a few of our readers who considered I was lacking respect to James’ achievements on that match.

I guess if I wasn’t that tired, that old, that emotional after a few tough events that hit me/us recently, I would have shrugged my shoulders and ignored them, everybody being allowed to their opinion after all!

But this time, it did hurt. Me, lacking respect to James? MY JAMES? Not recognising his efforts, talent? MOI????


So, just a few examples of recent reports.

In the CIB Egyptian Open a month ago, James beat Joel in a ridiculously similar match to this one, apart for the last two points obviously. Note at the time I was reporting on 4 matches at the time 8 sessions in a row, explaining the shortness of the report.

Willstrop 3-2 Makin

One I like as well, below : Tarek and James battling in Qatar 2018. It was a surreal moment, with James being begled, and still fight, again and again. I was so moved that both Malcolm (James’ dad) and James took the bother to send me a little note a few days later. I can count in my career the number of time I got a thanks from any player.

And for the road, the one last night….


James is one of my squash role models, with Nicol David. I love him. And I hope he’s got a bit of time for me.

Not giving James the respect owed to him? Moi? Somehow, I don’t think so.