2020 Men's Gold Reports REPORTS

QF : Fares downs Elias in Egyptian upset

QF :  [9] Fares Dessouky (Egy)  3-1 [5] Diego Elias (Per)  11-13, 13-11, 11-8, 11-7 (76m)

Before anything else. Diego, who used to tin nearly as much as Tarek in a bad every time he would get a bit tire, made 2 errors the whole match. In nearly 80m match. *crowd bowing*

No need to be a squash expert to see how close the match was in the first two games… Diego was ahead the whole game, 3/1, 6/2, 7/4, 8/5 but the Egyptian, hungry as heck after a not as he expected season, clawed back to 9/9, and even got a game ball at 11/10, but the Peruvian closed it on his second opportunity, 13/11, 23m game.
Fares 4 errors, gave away 7 points (3 strokes), 10 winners.
Diego 0 error, gave away 1 point, 6 winners.

Stats wise, the second is pretty close, 18m
Fares 4 errors, gave away 5 (1 stroke), 11 winners
Diego 1 error, gave away 2 points (1 stroke), 6 winners.

Fares up 3/0, then ahead but caught up in the middle of the game, 6/6, 7/7, push from the Puma 10/8, but cannot close it, and it’s Fearless that clinches it, 13/11, second attempt. The pace, seriously guys, hard and low, full of “tennis double” reflexes, top entertainment.

Third is close the whole way, two ridiculous rallies, at 5/7 (as there was a let), maybe took a bit of Diego, and Fares gets in front, 11/8 in 16m. Still the Egyptian with the winners, 10, Diego 4.

At the start of the 4th, it looked like we were heading for a decider, 3/1, but despite a high number of errors from the Alexandria boy, 5 (0 for Diego), he closes the game 11/7 in 11m, and he backs up his Qatar semis result. This confirms his good form…


It was a very touch match, physically and mentally.

He’s a great player and every time he gives me a hard time on court. I’m really happy I won today’s match, all my friends are watching over here as well as my family and my coaches.

It was a mental game, he was talking to me between every single point, so I had to really focus on court. He’s clever, I’m not blaming him for doing so, but I had to keep my mind on court, so I’m happy.

Usually Tarek and Joel play tough matches. I hope to watch a long match and I wish them the best of luck.

“All my friends are watching so I am really happy to win today’s match and it’s a great mood for me!”