2021 Platinum Reports REPORTS

R1: Olivia inflicts first Egyptian defeat

R1: Olivia Fiechter (Usa) 3-0 Menna Nasser (Egy) 11-4, 11-6, 11-6 (21m)

A solid win for USA’s Olivia Fiechter to deny the hosts their first winner …

Olivia :

“It felt great.”

“All of us are feeling some nerves after three months off of not playing events. I just wanted to get out there and enjoy it, enjoy competing again and I’m really happy I was able to put together a good performance.

“I moved back to Philadelphia during quarantine, I was in New York before training with my coach Peter Nicol but now, I’m back home with the parents which is fun – sometimes! I’m training with Graeme Williams there as well and I just have an awesome team around me, I’m very lucky. It’s been great, we’ve mainly been open, there was a period around Christmas when we were closed. We’ve been playing in masks so it’s really great to get out and compete without a mask on.

“Menna is a great player and has great skills with the racket, I really just wanted to get out there and put pressure on her, play at a fast pace. I’m feeling good, moving well and ready for the next round.”