2021 Platinum Reports REPORTS

R1: Lucas ecstatic with win

R1:   Lucas Serme (Fra) 3-0 Dimitri Steinmann (Sui) 11-9, 15-13, 11-7 (55m)

France’s Lucas Serme comes through three tough games to beat Dimitri Steinmann.

Lucas: “I’m ecstatic,”

“I’m really trying to enjoy the moment every time I get on court. We never know when it’s going to stop, if it will go back to normal, so I’m just enjoying the moment and really happy with that second game, I didn’t give in.

“There are a couple of Egyptian-French who are here, they came to cheer on my sister the week before and now they come to cheer for me, which is great to have some people in the crowd.

“I can’t say I was feeling really comfortable in any area. I’m just going to try to improve my front game a bit, I don’t think I hit the target as well as I wanted to today, so I’m just going to try and be a bit more positive in the next round.

“There’s a bit of stress and wanting to do too well, trying to do too much sometimes and trying to force it a bit. There’s a bit of nerves and I’ve just got to try and loosen up a bit.”