2021 Platinum Reports REPORTS

R1: Great win for Patrick but not for the faint-hearted

R1:  Patrick Rooney (Eng) 3-0 Raphael Kandra (Ger) 12-10, 11-6, 11-7 (39m)

English youngster Patrick Rooney upsets experienced German Raphael Kandra in straight games …

Not for the fainted hearted

I didn’t see two lunatics playing that fast since Ramy against Farhan in the world juniors!!!! Jzzz people, incredible rallies, attacking at will, taking no prisoners and Rafi at the wrong end of them for most parts.

The German seemed in complete control in the first game, 6/1, but out of the blue, the English, who started with 4 errors in 5 points, found his mad attacking pace/volleying nick from the  fourcorners / counterdropping / counterattacking and strung 7 points in a row.

At 8/8, it appeared that Rafi had found his balance again, 10/8, but again, 4 points in a row for Patrick, 12/10, 14m. 5 errors for the English, but 11 winners, 1 error for Rafi, 5 winners.

The second is a display of even more ridiculous squash, seriously Egyptian gifted juniors out there, and Rafi unable to adapt his pace to one that could have frustrated his opponent. Patrick is controlling the madhouse, 6/2, Rafi close, 5/6, but 9/5 and 11/6, in 8m… Again, 4 errors for the English but 9 winners…

The third, same story really, amazing rallies, but only one winner, 4/1, 7/4. A huge push from Rafi, as Patrick finally shows signs of fatigue but it’s long lived, and from 7/7, it’s again 4 points, 11/7 in 12m…

Patrick : I think I might have played a bit smarter today, and when you say random attack, I did chose the moments to attack and even when I was making an error, it was the right shot to play at the right time.

Maybe a year ago, I would have been making so many errors it would have been 3/0 to him. But I have been working on the mental side with Denis Betts, he helps me there, and Malcolm Willstrop helps me with the shots, also commute between Manchester and Pontefract.

Rafi: I had a tournament in Germany recently, and I played really well, I’m training well, but like last time here, I got chopped by Nathan Lake, 3/0, same thing, I felt tired, no energy, flat, unable to come back, not fighting spirit…

I don’t know what it is but I have to find what it is to change it. That said, he played extremely well today, and deserves to win.