2023 Reports 2023 Round One

R1: Tense match Farida 3-1 Tomato

Farida Mohamed (EGY) bt Tomato Ho (HKG)  11-6, 3-11, 11-8, 11-6 (41m)

Not a walk in the park for either of the girls. Both complaining about the other’s movement. A few contacts, both girls finding themselves on the floor each their turn, and a strong contact as Farida is front right, just played a shot, Tomato trying to get to the ball, hurting her neck in the contact. A bit of stoppage, both unhappy with the situation, physio called but not used.

And it went on after the end of the match, both girls unhappy with the other one, making it loud and clear. I would be nice to see it from the top, as the Hong Kong girl seemed to be in real pain, but we couldn’t really see what happened from our location.

And for those who wouldn’t know, Farida lost her dad recently.

I was a bit confident today as last time we played in Malaysia, I was up 1/0 and 9/5, and I twisted my knee. So it was either I left the match or I just kept going with the injury, and I don’t like quitting matches. So I carried on, lost but it was still very close.

I was playing with no pressure today, I was not intense, as you know, the last few months have been tough for me, and I am trying to enjoy it now and getting that feeling, that fire again.
I was a bit confused with the calls, as I was getting no lets as I was trying to get through to the ball, while she was getting lets for the same situation. So I was a bit lost and didn’t know when to ask.

Also, there were interferences when I fell, then when she fell, which happens during a game. But the last one, I was in front of her, she was the one going to the ball, she went out asking for a physio, but nothing happened, then she didn’t use the physio, as the ref stated…

Today, I wasn’t intense. I felt it was better than my last match, I’m trying to get more into the game, and understand the plan better, I was more into it today. Physically, I’m feeling well, it’s all mentally really. I am trying to give myself the push, last tournament, like this one.

I’m trying to feel the fire again on court, that will I had to fight for it until the very last point. Today was a bit better.  But I’m taking it step by step, no pressure, and see where it takes me.