2021 Platinum Reports REPORTS

R1: Emily takes the first win for Wales

Emily Whitlock (Wal) 3-1 Cindy Merlo (Sui) 11-2, 12-14, 11-3, 11-6 (36m)

First time those two played against each other, it was an interesting match from the second game on.

Cindy didn’t play her game in the opener I felt, going for far too short and opening the court for her grateful opponent. A few errors crept in the Welsh game in the second, and Cindy was able to impose her powerful hitting and delicate boasting onto her opponent, finally closing it down on her 3 attempt, 11m game

Emily didn’t enjoy the ride at all, went to 10/0 before taking the third 11/3 in 7 m, and closed the match 11/6, 7m as well, Cindy not doing much wrong but struggling with the court conditions.


I haven’t played more than 3 matches since 4 days before Christmas, since the lockdown!

I felt very fresh in the first game, but in the second, I served out, and that seemed to change the momentum, she played a few nice shots, and was able to express herself more on court.

But I didn’t panic after losing the second, I came out strong in the 3rd, and it was more comfortable after that.

Cindy was suffering from the court conditions, she was slipping and I felt for her as it’s how I got injured slipping on a sandy court. But today for some reason, I didn’t feel too bad on there, the court was ok, much better than it was 2 days ago, where is was barely playable. Normally I’m the one getting really worried with slippery conditions.

And I’m happy to win in this outfit, I lost it last time I wore it here against SJ, I really wanted to win today in it! And it’s so nice to speak with somebody! At home, because of the lockdown, I find myself just calling my mum or friends just to speak with someone… One day, I realised I didn’t speak for 8 HOURS!!! I KNOW!!!!!!