2021 Platinum Reports REPORTS

R2: Tarek closes it out

R2: [3] Tarek Momen (Egy) 3-0 Eain Yow Ng (Mas) 12-10, 11-8, 11-5 (36m)

After two close opening games Tarek Momen closes it out against Eain You Ng …

A court a bit warm and bouncy although a good one I’m told, a young gun with nothing to lose/good legs/great counterdrop, and Tarek a bit “wobbly” at times – 5 errors per game, which is just a bit too high to relax him.

We had some lovely intense rallies and Tarek was not able to relax until the middle of the third I felt as both the first and second game was pretty close.

Opener, three errors in a row at 2/1, that’s the nerves settled! 4/4, 5/5, the Malaysian ahead, 7/5, but 7/7, 8/8, 9/9. A beautiful low drive saves Tarek’s first game ball at 10/9, but a tin give him the first game, 11/9, 15m, 8 winners for Tarek, 4 for the Smiling Ninja.

Tarek gets a better start in the 2nd, 3/0, but again, it’s close enough to keep the Egyptian on his toes, 3/3. From that point on, Tarek will have his nose just in front, 6/4, 7/5, 8/6, 10/7, but a little error and it’s 11/8 for the Egyptian.

The third is just a bit too much for the Malaysian, after he produces a huge rally at 4/3, controlling and sending Tarek to visit the glasscourt a few times, “pas payé”, unfortunately for him, he goes the wrong way to end it, and from that moment on, it’s Tarek the whole way, 8m last game, 9/3, 11/5.

Tarek: “Those backhand drop shots felt good at the end in the last match, I was pleased to throw in a few of those in my first match,”

“I’m pleased to get a 3-0 win. It’s been three months since we’ve played a tournament and the first round is always tough.

“Yow is the Malaysian No.1, he has been on good form recently, playing consistently and improving. I was on edge today, in my warm-up I felt like I was lacking a bit of energy and it got me concerned a bit at the beginning of the match. I tried to pump myself up and with every game, I tried to push myself a little harder and eventually, I managed to play the important points a bit better which got me the win.

“Greg tends to play pretty well against me. He’s also been improving a lot, his results have been really good – he’s had a few tough draws recently but has been playing well and he had a very good win today, so I know I have to be on my top form. He runs the ball down, picks up a lot of ridiculous shots and also attacks well. I’m expecting a good match.”