2021 Platinum Reports REPORTS

SF: Superb Sherbini through in three

SF:  [1] Nour El Sherbini (Egy) 3-0 [7] Joelle King (Nzl) 11-5, 11-8, 11-4 (35m)

Top seed Nour El Sherbini in total control as she despatches Joelle King in straight games …

The two matches today going to sound a bit the same I’m afraid. Too good. That’s about it really.

Joelle had a superb week, not losing a single game, playing an inspired, energetic, light squash and looking composed and focused. Today on the other hand, at first I thought she was playing the “no more Mrs Nice Gal” but no she wasn’t. She was arguing decisions – not like her at all – and even let Nour go and get the ball that she herself put out! Nour didn’t say anything and just quietly went, that was at 7/7 in the second… So unlike Joelle in my book, who is, like Nour, Camille and a few others, a truly adorable lass.

Plus, the Kiwi was a shadow of herself today. I know, people will say, Nour created the situation, no, not only. Joelle today was a different player, not as much energy in the ball at all. And Nour took full advantage, 4/1, 6/3, and from 5/6, Nour zoomed through to 11/5, 10m match.

Stats: 2 errors Nour, with 2 strokes in her favour and 6 winners. Joelle, 3 winners and 3 errors.

A much more positive Joelle came back, more power and pace in the ball, 3/1, but quickly, back level at 4/4. Another good spell for the Kiwi, finding her balance again, sharp and accurate, 7/5, but Nour just manages to get ahead till the end of the game, 9/7, 11/8 in 14m.

Stats time: 1 error for Nour, 3 for Joelle, 3 strokes in favour of Nour, 1 in favour of Joelle, 5 winners for Nour, 6 winners for Joelle.

The last game is a formality sorry to be a bit bland, 5/0, 7/1, 9/3, 11/4 in 7m. Like I said, just too good.

Nour:  “It feels amazing,”

“I’m really glad I won it in three, it was a very tough three games. Joelle played amazing yesterday, she beat Hania one of the top players now on her form. I was really looking forward to this one, I’m really glad I played well and hopefully I keep going.

“Every player you play is different, I’m just going to focus on the final match. I definitely hope for an all-Egyptian final – Salma and Amanda have both been playing really well this tournament. I’m going to watch this match, hopefully both have a good one and may the best player win.

“My parrot loves to dance and sing so we always keep the TV on, so when I’m playing he definitely keeps watching!”