2020 Quarters REPORTS

QF: SJP through to the semis

[7] Sarah-Jane Perry (ENG) 3-0 Nada Abbas (EGY)  12-10, 11-7, 11-3 (31m)

Not a good day for the young Egyptian who I saw play much, much better than this.

She was making “junior errors”, not the best shot selection, kept asking for lets when normally she would play the ball and kept getting logical no lets, and barely made the back of the court today. Very unlike her. Very surprising as her level of squash in this event was remarkable, in particular against Joshna, a very mature and clinical performance.

On the other hand, SarahJane was on form, although a few too many errors – an average of 4 per game – but “I don’t care about the errors, how many winners did I play” comments our English Gladiator every time I mention it… Bless her..

Still, I guess that if Nada had taken the first game, 9/9, 10/10, it’s a lottery, it would have been a different match altogether. 12m first game, 12/10 to the English lady, 11m second game, with SJP dominating, 4/0, 5/2, 9/4, with a nice push from Nada, but it’s still SJ 11/7. No contest in the 3rd, 11/3, 5m…


Me and Nada have only played once before and that was a couple of years ago and she has improved so much, so I didn’t come into this one taking her lightly at all.

She got a few nice low crosscourt in, flat and low, I was a bit annoyed not getting to them, and same for a few nice boasts, I was not getting on them quick enough. But when I managed to get to them soon enough, I was controlling the pace better

I got to the semi-finals last week, so to get to two semi-finals in a row at Platinum events is something I have never done before. I’ve been very quiet this week on court, I can hear Jenny Duncalf on the SquashTV commenting I need to keep quiet, so maybe that has helped and we’ll try that one tomorrow!

I’m still on edging waiting for it to go all wrong all week mind…