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The Day Lee Beachill saved SquashTV…

Well, it might be SLIGHTLY overstated but come on, we need fun and positive news at the moment. So there it is!

On day one, SquashTV couldn’t offer its normal “replay” function and therefore the players couldn’t ask for player reviews, nor the spectators able to replay sections of the rallies.

On the bus yesterday morning, day two, John Massarella was mentioning that PSA was trying to get the part missing from the UK as apparently, it was not available here easily.

Cut to start of play that day, and the same John goes “10/10, each player has one review available,” and methinks, well, no, actually they haven’t! To my surprise, a player review is granted, and shown! “Guess they found the part then,” I thought.

COO Lee Beachill on how PSA Are Dealing with COVID-19 - Professional Squash Association

So, again, on the bus this morning – Day three – I am asking Lee Beachill, PSA COO and Master in Command here, how was the problem sorted.

You will  never believe it though. Apparently what was faulty was a little battery that is found in Car keys remote controls. Beach happened to remember the number on the battery – 2032 apparently, because we ALL KNOW that the number of a little round battery inside a carkey remote is numbered 2032 – was the same as a certain type of car…

And as James Bowes, one of the most discrete nice gently boy that ever worked for SquashTV happened to have such a remote control with him, they used the battery et voilà. Problem solved.

I think PSA is becoming more and more Egyptian. And that, in my mind, is a compliment.