2020 Men's Gold Reports REPORTS

R1 : Mazen not vintage, but good enough

R1 : [12] Mazen Hesham (Egy) 3-0 Alan Clyne (Sco)    11-8, 11-6, 11-7 (40m)

This wasn’t a vintage display of attacking squash and outrageous shot that we’ve come to expect from Mazen Hesham, but Alan Clyne couldn’t quite take advantage in this Round One match.

The Scotsman had a lead in the first game but Mazen found enough winners – a good portion coming via his favourite boast – to overcome that. The Egyptian maintained a lead in the second and established a winning advantage in the third before Clyne staged a late rally, shut off by  harsh ‘no let’ on Mazen’s fourth match ball.

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What is so tough with him is that he can play winners from anywhere, especially with that boast, and when he plays that boast, there is not much you can do to stop him.

I had a game plan coming in, but I was just able to apply it consistently enough, it was to keep the pace up but I just couldn’t execute it well enough. 


Even though my body is tired and restricted, I was amazed how good I played today after not playing for a little while.

I had my army thing going on, so I couldn’t actually train as much. But to be honest I think I played even better than I thought. It was really good and I enjoyed it.

I just think about each match at a time, I don’t overlook the draw and think about what will happen next because you never know. You just have to focus on yourself and watch both opponents and see how you can do well against them.

I have played Tarek a lot and he is tough to beat and he’s playing Todd, who is a tough opponent. So either of them will be tough tomorrow.