2020 Round 3 REPORTS

R3: Coline gets to her first platinium quarters…

Coline Aumard (FRA) 3-0 Farida Mohamed (EGY)  11-5, 13-11, 11-7 (34m)

Where we remember that Farida is still a junior. 18 year old, and making a few “Youth Errors”, Erreurs de Jeunesse we say in French… The second game is about experience, after a straight forward first game in 6m, 11/5 for the French.

In the second, Farida is up throughout the game, 4/1, 6/3. Coline comes back to 6/6, 7/78/8. Two quick errors from the French and the Egyptian has got 2 game balls, 10/8. Coline forces a tie-break, Farida gets another chance at 11/10, but as often when one has several chances and can’t concretise, it’s the opponent that takes the cake on her first attempt! 13/11 to Coline in 15m, despite Farida being awarded 4 strokes – look at Coline’s photos, her leg is very heavily strapped and she was struggling a bit to get off the ball, especially with Farida being as fast as Tarek Momen to foward forward!

A good start for the French in the 3rd, 4/0, but Farida is used to come backs – she won her first two matches here coming back from 2/0! – and we are back at 7/7. But Coline experience’s makes the difference I think at the end, a bit of rushing too soon to the front for the young Egyptian, 11/7 in 9m.

But I just love the way Farida plays, and so does Coline, who is only praise for the youngster. Hear hear…


My aim today was to get my length. It’s for me the key to the match. I focused on length and width, and when I didn’t get it right, she was taking the point. I didn’t care which side I was playing, though, it was just about accuracy at the back to prevent her any opportunities, in particular prevent her from playing her backhand drop shots.

I tried to forget who she was and which round I was in. I just tried to focus on rally after rally because if I felt the pressure or thought I was going to win then that’s when I can make a mistake and maybe not play the game that I wanted to play. I’m really pleased that I could switch off from the pressure, but I kept it as a motivation.

Farida is a player that I follow the results of, they came with her mum to my club in Annecy, and I have the upmost respect for her. I believe that she is going to be very good, and I have a lot of time for her. And I love the fact she has her own game, atypical.

I think me and Tinne did well to arrive on the 5th March and not a day later, the preparation is mainly about knowing your body and for me I like to have two-three days so I can prepare. I’m 30, so I know my body and I have the physio here and Phillipe to help me recover well and all my coaches at home to make sure I eat well and sleep enough.