They said: Eng Ahmed El Abd, Pdt Assem Khalifa, Ashraf Hanafi

Eng Ahmed El Abd, Concord Chairman

Thanks for the Media, it was a great final, unexpected, despite some extraordinary conditions, the weather was really not good, the virus, but the tournament was good, the final was great, thank you everybody

President Assem Khalifa

All I can say is congratulations for a beautiful tournament, despite the circumstances surrounding it, all over the world, in Egypt, thanks Mr Abd for having the courage to run the tournament in those circumstances.

Mr Ashraf Hanafi

A few points: last year, our prize money for 100K for a Gold tournament, we raised the prize this year to 180K which is now a Platinium. We had 48 players from 14 nations and 5 continents. Without sponsors, there wouldn’t be any tournament, and without Media, it’s very difficult to find sponsors, so I would like to thank PSA for giving us the chance to run this tournament, SquashTV, SquashSite and for sure a special thanks for OnTime Sports, for broadcasting the tournament for millions of spectators.