Breaking: CIB Black Ball will run two Platinium per year for 3 years

According to Black Ball CEO, we will have the pleasure to come back to Black Ball twice a year for the next three years… That’s what Mr Raef said…

“I want to thank you all today, you the crowd are a very important part of the tournament, I would like to see you again in December IsA.

A warm welcome to Mr Assem Khalifa, the President of the Squash Association, to Mr Alex Gough, PSA CEO, and Eng Ahmed El Abd, the Chairman of Condord and Blackball Club, and our Promotor Ashraf Hanafi.

Last year, we promised you to come back with a Platinium tournament, and this year, we did it. And today, I promise that we will continue our successful adventure with our partners CIB and PSA for the next three years IsA and offer you two Platinium events per year.

A special thank to all our sponsors, CIB, and in particular Mr Hussein Abaza, he is with CIB a huge reason of our success. Also I would like to thank our sponsor Concord and especially his chairman Eng Ahmed El Abd and Eng Ahmed Soliman. Not forgetting our sponsors Uber, NRJ Radio, Elsaba Automotive who all share our success…”