The New BlackBall Squash Open has been posted!

Framboise Reports from Cairo

That moment BlackBall Squash Open was under threat…

Well, this year’s event is very special to me. Why? Because it could not have happened. You may not know where you live, the news might not have commented on the situation in Egypt.

Like in a lot of countries, the COVID, then the Ukraine/Russia conflict has created huge deficit and issues, which led to an extremely high inflation rate, coupled with the Egyptian currency losing 50% of it’s value towards the Dollar, Euro and English pound within weeks.

So, what was costing 2 to organise an event in dollars, now costs 3. “Une paille”, same difference really. NOT.

The fact that the event is taking place is nothing short of a miracle. Thanks to the hard work from Mr Mohamed Raef, BlackBall CEO. 

“We have to thank our brand new Diamond Sponsor, Forsa Company, one of  Drive Finance companies. Black Ball Sporting Club has over the years developped a clear policy of attracting new sponsors to support our beloved Sport, and we are extremely proud of what we and our partners have achieved” he commented.

“On top of Forsa, three new sponsors have joined our family, Mideast Communication System Company, Voltaren, and the TomorrowTooth Dental Clinic.

“Our ‘usual suspects, of course, El Sewedy Electric and Concord for Engineering & Contracting Company who we thank for their continuous support” concluding “Watch this space, for more new sponsors to come!”

Black Ball Squash Open

That moment you’ve got stamped…

Don’t you love the new branding? How AMAZING is my team at BlackBall. Yes, I am lucky enough to be part of BlackBall Media Team for a few years now. And it’s a huge pleasure to come and cover their events, year after year.

That moment you step back into the Westin Experience

How many times have we come to this lovely hotel? Five, six times? More? I feel home as we know nearly everybody that works here, from concierges to receptionists and waiters!

Like I mention in the commentary, it’s a tough life, but somebody’s got to live it…