Drowning in New Cairo – well, almost …

Well, between the news about the virus that seems to have panicked the planet, and the weather here – heavy rain all day and a sandstorm too –  it’s been a funny day!

First, I feel for the poor cleaners at the hotel as it appears that the water drainage might not be what should be, and they have to come and clean the water manually after every rain episode.

Mind you, eat your heart out, Qatar, with your suites for the players, we have a swimming pool on our balcony! Only kidding but as the water pours down very heavily in a short period of time, I called Uber – the event sponsors for the shuttles – to see if they do boats. I’m on hold.

Coming from the room to the reception was a bit of a journey – neither Cubs nor I having adapted shoes – but the Uber Bus drive to the venue was even more fun! Road closed by the police, taking roads the opposite way – well this is Egypt, people don’t mind that much, water blocking the plan B, plan C roads…

Never mind, we made it to the club. As the club is underground, the pumps are working full blast – but working nicely, and all is well. The award for the Best Dressed Ushers 2020 is definitely awarded to BlackBall: Wet Suits made of Dustbin Bags.

Oh I so love Egypt….