2020 Round TWO REPORTS

R2: First win for Rowan against Donna

[16] Rowan Elaraby (EGY) 3-0 Donna Lobban (AUS)  11-7, 11-8, 11-7 (26m)

Although Rowan is higher ranked than Donna, the Egyptian always struggled against the Australian, and out of their three previous meetings, never managed to get a win.

And in the first round you could clearly see why. Donna was able to retrieve all of Rowan superb attacks, getting a few nice counterdrops/counterattacks of her own, forcing the Egyptian to cover a lot of ground.

The second game was the most suprising, as Rowan went up 10/3, with Donna decided that was the moment to let go of the fears and play her squash. Point by point, the score raised for the Australian, and the “Come One, Yalla” became louder for the 19 years old Egyptian! But Donna couldn’t level, 11/8 to Rowan, that was the turning point.

7/0, 9/3 in the 3rd for the double world junior Champ, closing it down in the quickest game of the match, 11/7


I felt a bit lost on the glasscourt today to be honest. The rallies were very short, and it’s a bit frustrating because I know that I can play better than that.

But the glasscourt is very unforgiving. If you don’t hit my marks, you are in trouble, and today she did it better than me. It’s so different from a traditional court where you can get stuck in and find ways to come back in the match. But on the glass, it’s getting away from you so quickly.

I don’t think she did anything particularly different tactically…. it’s definitely disapointing, I KNOW I can play better…

I’m just trying to play my best squash and see how it goes. I was training very well before Chicago, so I’m really happy it’s going well and I’m playing my best squash.

“It’s amazing playing in front of my home crowd. Everyone gets to watch and support, so I guess that’s the best part to have everyone supporting all of the Egyptians. I’m happy playing here.”