Home of Cultures

You’ve seen the Tagline …
but what does “Home of Cultures” mean to the players ?

we asked several of them for their thoughts, and we’ll post them here as the tournament gets closer …

Raneem El Welily (Egypt, defending champion)

I love the Latin American cultures although I’ve never been, so can’t say for sure! But whenever I meet someone from there I always get the feeling that they are full of life and that they aim to enjoy their time to the fullest while they can.

Although I’ve seen so so many things in Egypt, I’m pretty excited to go see the new Egyptian museum once opened. Also Luxor city and Abu Simbel temple, I would love to do again.

But for new places and experiences, I would say visit Dahab, Marsa Allam and believe it or not there’s so much to see in Cairo (where I now live) but still haven’t seen.

What I love most about our culture is the emotional part of the people, whether love hate laughter tears, Egyptians wear their hearts on their sleeves and they would never leave you alone when in trouble.

Camille Serme (France)

I’ve always been fascinated by Egypt, since we studied it at school with the pharaohs and all the history.

After the World Open in October I finally had the chance to go on a cruise with my husband and my parents: it was amazing to discover some temples and to visit a typical village.

Great memory!