2024 Reports Round Two

R2: Hana Moataz 3-1 [7] Amina Orfi

Hana Moataz (EGY) 3-1 [7] Amina Orfi (EGY)  6-11, 12-10, 11-9, 14-12 (64m)

Plenty of thoughts in my head after his one.

First of all, if I wasn’t impressed AT ALL by Hana two days ago, all over the place and playing junior squash, with errors and lack of patience galore, today I wanted to say, “WHO ARE YOU, AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HANA???”

Incredible length and width, powerful and accurate, sublime volleying, excellent shots selection and mixing of the pace, she still made a few errors, but honestly, with the high percentage squash she was playing, it had to be expected.

Of course, being unseeded and playing the “New” Nour El Sherbini, the 16-year-old extraordinary young prodigy Amina Orfi I have utter admiration for, she had nothing to lose.

I feel for Amina today—and every time I’ve seen her play. Constantly looking at her camp, to check if she has their approval, if she’s good enough, if she is worthy of the expectations that are put on her so young shoulders.

Every time I see her, I want to tell her, ‘it’s ok, dearest, you are 16 years old. This is not a question of life and death. Your life will not end if you lose a point, a game or even a match. Enjoy your time on court. Enjoy being young. Enjoy the fact you are so much to learn, although you are o so mature, way too much for your age.

Today, Hana wanted to win, but young Amina was trying not to lose, not to disappoint. And she didn’t disappoint. She just had too much pressure and lost a match. And you know what? The world didn’t end. And she will win the next match, and the next one.

For today, let’s salute the sublime mental strength Hana displayed today, especially at the end of the second game, saving a game ball at 10/9 to level the games 12/10 in 15m of very hard work.

Again in the next game, she didn’t lose control from 10/7, when Amina played her best squash, clawing back to 9/10, and closed that crucial third game, 11/9 in 13m.

And what to say about the last game?? Amina back in control, 6/2, 9/5. Surely this is going to 5?  4 points in a row for Hana, and it’s 9/9.

The world junior champion will have three game balls, none she was able to convert. and as so often, it’s Hana that clinched the game and match in her first attempt, 14/12, with a video ref decision, stroke.

9 winners for Amina in that last game, 12 for Hana. The level of squash was just out of this world.


“Amina’s been doing really well recently, she’s young but she’s achieved so much already so I tried to come out with no pressure and I’m really proud of myself with how I handled the last game especially. I honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to win but I’m really proud of myself today.

“I was trying to stick to my game and not let my head slip because it can do that a lot sometimes. I couldn’t have done it without my coaches, they’ve helped me out a lot and we’ve been working so hard for this. A lot of my friends are here as well and I appreciate the support. I’m really happy!

“I’ve always believed my squash is up there, but I didn’t have the belief. I’m working on it and I want to challenge the top players more and more and I think today’s result will give me a good boost of confidence and I’m really excited for what’s coming next.”